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Hello my name is Morgana, I am a specialist psychic/clairvoyant, and I also read tarot and Rune stones, I am here to help you with any problems or worrying things that are on your mind. Email readings are for specific questions only and should you require any help with the wording of your questions please do ask me. I carry out online psychic readings from the heart. I am a long established psychic with a fresh approach to psychic readings. If you need my help all you have to do is ask!

I can complete readings by pure clairvoyance if you prefer me not to use tarot cards, please just enter that information on the order form and I will use just my clairvoyant ability to tune in with you. My psychic tarot readings online are completed quickly, normal turnaround is 2-3 days but I always aim for the quickest possible delivery to you. I am a well known psychic clairvoyant consultant, I have been reading on a psychic level since the age of 12, so I now have rather a lot of experience at this. Now I am in my late 30's I find that the experiences that life has given me are also a great help within my readings. I am uk based.

Booking a psychic reading with me

My booking system for my psychic readings is very clear and starightforward. All you need to do is fill in one form and then you will be directed to PayPal to make your payment. I am a genuine psychic reader, and i'm approachable, I offer great priced psychic readings as well as tarot and rune readings. I am online most days and I am to complete your reading swiftly. I have clients from all walks of life also I have found that a lot of psychics, clairvoyants and tarot readers have become clients too. Whilst it is always a bit unusual to read for another clairvoyant, it is very rewarding and I have found that I have been able to help some to regain their path, especially iIn cases of loss of confidence, which happens to us all at times! Why not try an online clairvoyant tarot reading today! all orders are securely processed through PayPal secure ordering website payment. 

Psychic Readings Special offers!!!!


Special offer Love, romance and relationship reading, 4 Question Love Reading.This is great value for this informative reading. 4 Question Psychic love reading, using just my clairvoyant skills or with the Tarot Cards. This reading is great value at £19.99

Mini Reading , psychic tarot please ask 1 question £9.50 this reading is approx 250 words

Mini reading, using just my clairvoyant skills along with my rune stones.Please ask 1 question £9.50 this reading is approx 250 words

3 Question Psychic reading, using just my clairvoyant skills or with the Tarot Cards. £20.50 this reading is approx 650 words.