UK Psychic and Tarot Reader

About Morgana Psychic

I am a very experienced psychic and a natural clairvoyant and healer. I have had the gift all my life but started using it aged just 12. Now I am in my late 30's I find that the experiences that life has given me are also a great help within my readings. After putting in a lot of time studying and honing my gift  with my Mother who is a working psychic as my mentor I have been working professionally for many years now. I used to see clients at home, but more recently I have switched the majority of my work to the internet as I feel I can be accessible to a wider section of people than I can tucked away in my current backwater location.I can trace psychics through my family on both the maternal and paternal sides of my family so my background has always been this way. I am here to help so please do get in touch if you feel the need of psychic insight.  

My Psychic and Tarot Readings start at  just  £9.50, I am sure you will agree this is incredible value,  for a genuine and individual clairvoyant reading.I have more recently  worked  along side my close friend Alexia, and have now branched out to work alone from this website as well as being available though Indigo Star. I now have a large client base which I am really enjoying working with and helping to see their true path.